2019 Prime Time Tracer Breeze 24DBS
$26,500 CAD

Longhaul Trailer Sales

 1150A Wallace Ave N

A popular floor plan! The Tracer Breezer 24DBS has been a winner in our rental fleet for 3 years! At Longhaul in Listowel, we look at our
rental fleet as an advertising promo. A way to get our new floorplans out in the campsites, and a way to make a good late model used
inventory line up for end of season sales. We put brand new rental units in the fleet each spring, so this trailer has seen a couple of
weeks of rental throughout the summer. Just enough to bring your purchase price down a couple thousand! It's still on factory warranty,
and has any possible newbee bugs worked out of it.

  • 2019
  • Prime Time
  • Tracer Breeze 24DBS
  • 28
  • 8

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